Advanced solutions for information exchange management.
EDITRAN is a communication platform, developed by Indra, on data network and Internet. It makes possible straight communication between applications in different machines and operating systems of public and private companies and organisms.
EDITRAN provides advanced facilities to solve the needs regarding information exchange management. These facilities refer to improve the quickness of the procedures in use, to increase the productivity and to simplify the current manual procedures, eliminating the redundant data capture and the manual manipulation of documents, etc. That is because EDITRAN allows the direct exchange of data, without manual intervention, between the information systems, through the connectivity of the computers that support them.

EDITRAN communications platform provides a telematic solution that combines the facilities of informatics and telecommunications. It allows to replace the paper or magnetic supports, that carry data from commercial transactions, activities and services related to them. EDITRAN is the ideal solution as:
  • Corporate communication platform, to exchange information among servers within the same company, regardless of their brand, model, type, or physical location.
  • Platform for the implantation of structured Data Electronic Exchange, regardless of the regulations used: EDIFACT, the ones emitted by the Spanish Bank Association through its notebooks or under private or public regulations, in XML format or XBRL.
  • Platform for secure exchange and non-repudiation of data, thanks to the different cryptographic methods used with the algorithms DES (simple, double or triple keys), RSA (1024, 2048 or 4096 bits keys) or AES (128, 192 or 256 bits keys). Also, with the use of hash SHA-2 algorithms.
The amount and variety of data that are daily exchanged among clients, suppliers, financial entities and public organisms, along with the number and frequency of these exchanges, advise implanting advanced telematic products, such as the one provided by Indra.